Illuminati Idea

From Neawna, January 22, 2020
Thanathorn: Ha… ha… I told you that undermining the governing system is just an idea. They couldn’t sue me.
Inside his brain: Illuminati idea
Caption: Don’t only think… but you need to carry it out to complete it, Thanathorn.

[Refers to the Future Forward Party led by Thanathorn which was recently acquitted by the Constitutional Court on the change of seeking to overthrow the country’s constitutional monarchy.
This cartoon is from an anti-Thaksin, rabidly nationalistic newspaper that is very skeptical of the Future Forward Party and its supposed motives and backers.
The caption reflects the sarcastic idea that the party was lucky to escape disbandment this time, but they need to carry out their actual goals as they may not get another lucky break in the future.]

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