If you want it back… then take it

From Thairath, June 3, 2013
Title: If you want it back… then take it
At far left on the chair: Secretary-general of NSC
On paper held by Thawil Pliensri: Plan to overthrow the fake ruler.
On the table: Join the CRES to kill the UDD people, causing 100 dead and 2,000 injured. [meaning Thawil was complicit in suppressing the Red Shirt demonstrations in 2010]
A sign under the table: Thawil Pliensri
Right side of the table PM Yingluck and Deputy PM Chalerm Yubamrung sit. On the chair: Government
On the other chairs at right: Security Agency, Military, BRN and people from the South [this contends the government is hard at work on issues related to the southern insurgency]
On the table: Southern insurgency
Phi Nooring: As long as you can be patient.
Mouse: Those who are shameless get what they want.

[This refers to Thawil suddenly being transferred from his post as Secretary-General of the National Security Council (NSC). This was part of a reshuffle to enable a Thaksin relative, brother-in-law Priewpan Damapong, to take over the Chief of Police post. After contesting the transfer, the Central Administrative Court ruled in his Thawil’s favor.
2015 note: It was this incident that eventually led to the courts dismissing Yingluck from office.
The main defense to the charges from Yingluck’s legal team was a technical one–since Thaksin had divorced his wife, Potjaman Damapong could no longer be considered a Thaksin relative.]

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