If you have enough food, then you will be happy

From Thairath, August 20, 2014
Title: Distribute the happiness
On the pot: 2558 Budget of 2.575 trillion baht
Phi Nooring: If you have enough food, then you will be happy.
A mouse: The new comer is learning to distribute.

[Refers to the military junta who has recently endorsed a 2.575 trillion baht budget bill for the fiscal year 2015 (or 2558 in Thai). This massive budget has been allocated to various groups. In the cartoon, a number of people are in line waiting for the budget distribution from Gen. Prayuth with military, army and businessmen pushing forward to get past the poor who really need it.
Gen. Prayuth is referred to as the newcomer who is learning to keep people in line by doling out money.]

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