If you aren’t corrupt, you don’t need to be afraid


From Thairath, June 8, 2016
Title: If you aren’t corrupt, you don’t need to be afraid
On the gift box at left: Referendum
Top ribbon: Huge government budget
Left ribbon: Government campaign
Right ribbon: One-sided [campaign]
Man in the center is Red Shirt leader Jatuporn. On his shirt: Anti-corruption referendum
The soldier is saying: Get rid off the person… who is an anti-corruption referendum [campaigner]
Mouse man: Who is the first one [to go to jail]?
Mouse: No corruption, no fall. [meaning if you are not corrupt, you will not fall]

[This shows the Red Shirt’s very clever framing of their campaign to monitor the charter referendum. The junta quickly banned the monitoring center and, in response, the Red Shirts have used the junta’s anti-corruption pledge against them, contending that if the junta does not intend to be dishonest with the vote, they have no need to shut down poll monitoring.
This strategy blends with the expected post-referendum tactic of the Red Shirts (and Thaksin) declaring the vote was unfair and/or rigged.
This is a necessary framing of the vote to enable either immediate or future protests as well as justifications for a future elected government to demand amnesty and charter rewrites in the face of opposition from an appointed military senate.]

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