If not involved in politics, then no need for weapons

From Naewna, December 6, 2017
Thaksin’s son Panthongtae: My family doesn’t want to be involved with politics anymore… Otherwise, we wouldn’t leave all the weapons for you, Uncle Pom, to find. [“Uncle Pom” is Deputy PM Prawit who is in charge of security affairs]
Caption: Don’t need to find out the origin of those weapons… They belong to them.

[This cartoon references Thaksin’s son Pantongtae’s birthday wish for a united family and that his family would not be involved with the politics anymore.
In the past, both the Red Shirts and the Pheu Thai Party have boasted that their members were armed and would resist efforts to unseat them from power.
Periodically arms caches have been found that have been blamed on Thaksin supporters such as a recent discovery that resulted in charges against exile Jakrapob Penkair.
The cartoonist jokes that these caches are being found now because Thaksin has discarded them since he claims he no longer desires to return to political power.]

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