If I blow a whistle…

From Arun, October 24, 2013
Cartoon title: Bird… waiting to devour the remains?

[“Blowing a whistle” can simply mean a signal to start doing something, but in the Thai context of protest it can mean more. In the Thai world where protest is seen as a last shameful resort (as opposed to an admirable part of free speech), to “blow a whistle” brings to mind a Thai “big man” who threatens an angry response to an untenable situation. The whistle is an alert to all sides that an impasse has been reached and thus open protest is the only avenue left available.

The vulture with a whistle on its head is supposed to refer to the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party announced that it would “blow a whistle.” This is to protest against the government’s amnesty bill which promises to return Thaksin to Thailand.

The cartoon suggests that it may be too late and all that will be left of the country soon are the remains of the constitution in a wasteland. It also suggests the opportunistic Democrats wish chaos and will then politically capitalize on the ruins of the country.]

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