Thai-language political cartoons after the blast


From Manager, August 18, 2015
If I am not happy
You can’t even hope
To be happy.

[Refers to the explosion at the famous Erawan Shrine located at Ratchaprasong intersection that caused 20 deaths and over 100 injuries.
This cartoon reflects the very Thai understanding of human and political conflict. From the Thai viewpoint, there is a necessity for all sides, right or wrong, to be assuaged or “satisfied.” This is often heard from protest groups who announce that they are completely non-violent, but might be forced to be violent if they are dissatisfied or feel they are treated unfairly.
Thus, Thai people and the Thai state attempt to be friends with all while favoring no side. This is part of Thai foreign policy that goes back to the nineteenth century when colonizers threatened the autonomy of the Siam state.
In the cartoon, the Thai sees the terrorist event, not primarily as a tactical move against an enemy or a political act, but as the result of a force that has become “dissatisfied” and must strike out as a result.]

From Komchadluek, August 17, 2015
Man: Welcome to the new police chief!
Sign over the door: Faith
[Refers to the appointment of a new police chief who will have to rebuild a trust and faith of the public towards the police. The harsh reality of a situation is often portrayed as a ruined landscape behind a door in Thai editorial cartoons.]


From Manager, August 18, 2015
Top left: Today, a small community still has no words…
Top right: Only sadness is in the air.
Bottom right: …And a question… when will the cruelness between people be ended…
Bottom left: R.I.P.

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