I mean a budget for PR and the organization’s image!

From Thairath, August 2, 2013
Cartoon title: The way to make the seawater become clear
Top, man at desk: How come it’s been days and why is the seawater not clear yet? Increase the budget.
Standing man: We increased both manpower and chemical substances, sir.
Bottom, man at desk: Nooo… I mean a budget for PR and the organization’s image!
Standing man: Oh… yes, sir.

[This cartoon refers to the PTT Global Chemical’s oil spin off of Rayong Province. The cartoon is an excellent observation of how Thai government and business thinks. No part of the government or business world will ever believe that actual action or reform is needed in response to a crisis. Instead organizations tend to focus on public relations.
The idea is that, during a crisis, the public needs to see how dedicated and hard-working the organization. Any perceived shortcoming by an organization is due to poor PR. This traditional way of focusing on PR over actual reform or truthful disclosure is becoming increasingly untenable in the age of the internet when the public can expose and ridicule organizational inaction around the clock.]

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