I can do better

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

This sign from Buriram reads: It is time for change – “I am certain that I can do and I can do better” – Suthin Luiton – Bhumjaithai Party

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2 Responses to I can do better

  1. Albert Park says:

    The dog seems to have the required response.

  2. Banksy says:

    It seems to be a local thing that when you use a comparative, but always forget to indicate what the comparison with. Two possible reasons I guess. It’s too much effort to go looking for those few very rare examples of actual local political acheivement. Or perhaps it is just that when in fear of having to actually judge something here, most locals would opt to say nothing. I guess in this case he means, next time around I’ll put my billboard someplace where no cur will ever cock their leg on it. Lucky dog! The rest of us would never be allowed to get away with it.

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