I bring some rice for you to eat…

From Manager, March 18, 2015
Left: Boonsong: I bring some rice for you to eat… [meaning Yaowapa will “eat” or benefit from corruption from the rice pledging scheme]
Caption: All the good things you did for me…
Right: Yaowapa: I bring some rice for you, Boonsong, to eat…
Caption: …I will pay you back

[Refers to Boonsong Teriyapirom, former Commerce Minister, who spearheaded the disastrous rice pledging scheme and lied about deals the government was making to sell the rice to China. The left panel of the cartoon repeats a frequent claim–that Thaksin’s family benefited from corruption in the program, principally by benefiting from rice that was smuggled from nearby countries and counted as Thai-grown rice for the scheme. Boonsong was the protege of Thaksin’s sister Yaowpa, the post powerful MP in Yingluck’s government, who ensured the program continued for years despite many warning signs that it was emptying state coffers.
In the right panel, Yaowpa will return the loyalty Boonsong showed her by bringing him food and drink once his is put in prison for mishandling the rice scheme.
This cartoon also reflects the idea that little people who take action for Thaksin family members (like Red Shirts or ministers like Boonsong) may rot in prison while Thaksin and his family are untouchable.]

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