Hundreds of Thais defy protest ban in anti-junta march

Hundreds of Thais defy protest ban in anti-junta march – Channel News Asia, September 19, 2015
…There was no uniformed military presence at the rally and police, who estimated 400 attended, made no obvious attempt to stop it.
“We are observing, to keep things in order,” the commanding officer, Major General Pongpan Wannapak, told Reuters.
“If things get out of hand, we’ll report it to our superiors.”

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One Response to Hundreds of Thais defy protest ban in anti-junta march

  1. Wiz says:

    Matichon – media who keeps telling a blatant lie to the public – case to point is the anti junta demonstration – there are just a few dozen demonstrators yet Matichon said myriads of demonstrators

    Anti Junta talk at Democracy monument

    Sign of prohibition against illegal demonstration

    Some Anti junta have to run their movement at Khao San road to gain limelight – fight for democracy that not asking for 510,000 Million Baht from ex PM who has allowed the damaged from rice pledges at 700,000 Million Baht – they just get paid 500 Baht to gain the international limelight – despite of prohibition

    old ladies and gentlemen with disguise as anti junta students at democracy monument

    So few dogs joining Anti Junta at night as Junta have effectively barred those LLTD students or even UDD men from running anti junta movement on 19 September 2015

    Familiar faces during anti Junta and anti PDRC movements – including 19 September 2015

    Widespread condemnation toward Ai Sunai Phasuk, an adviser to rhw Human right board who keep protecting the crooks and joining Anti Junta movement on 19 September 2015

    plan to ignite violence during demonstrations at Democracy monument by LLTD folded – more like social dregs instead – even Ai Maew got a big headache

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