Hun Sen: Father of Modern Cambodia

The strongman’s son: Cambodia’s new political dynasty – AFP, July 26, 2013
…How do you replace a strongman premier who has run the country almost single-handedly for decades? Well, maybe with his son.
Although he has vowed to stay in power for another decade or more, signs are growing that 60 year old Prime Minister Hun Sen is grooming his children to inherit a political dynasty…

Above: From CAPDI full page ad in the June 22-23, 2013 International Herald Tribune

There is also glowing praise for Hun Sen, “Hero of the “Cambodian Model,'” in CAPDI’s full page ad in the June 22-23, 2013 edition of the International Herald Tribune. We could not find the text live on the net, but here is a scan from the ad highlighting Hun Sen as the “Father of Modern Cambodia.”

Above: From CAPDI full page ad in the June 22-23, 2013 International Herald Tribune

CAPDI highlights Asian “models” of reconciliation: East Timor and Cambodia
…CAPDI Chairman Emeritus Prime Minister Hun Sen skillfully and courageously achieved the impossible: with support from the late King Norodom Sihanouk. He integrated Cambodia’s four warring armies in the now united Cambodian Armed Forces, including integration of the Khmer Rouge, which was responsible for the genocide killings of more than two million Cambodians; and the opposing political parties in a united Cambodian government, while continuing to prosecute those responsible for war crimes in concert with the U.N. Tribubal. Hun Sen, together with Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, are now leading Cambodia’s modernization and economic development…

Cambodia Economy Is Projected To Grow By 7.6% This Year, Its Tourism Industry 12% – IBT, July 25, 2013
…Gross domestic product is projected to reach approximately $15.19 billion, and GDP per capita would reach $1,036. The growth would be driven by garment exports, agriculture, tourism and construction…

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