Huge “Stop Suthep” Banner on Suthisarn Road

These are two quick views of a huge banner that went up on Suthisarn Road. It reads: Stop Suthep (from) Shut(ting) Down Bangkok, the Country’s Disastrously Damaged

UPDATE January 18, 2014: The banner is gone and has reverted back to the original banner, an advertisement for SC Asset.

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3 Responses to Huge “Stop Suthep” Banner on Suthisarn Road

  1. %%% says:

    STOP lights tend to indicate GO to most folks here. Only a policeman could think up such an utterly daft slogan in this completely lawless country.

  2. Wiz says:

    What did you expect from those thugs in Khaki?

  3. %%% says:

    They are completely beyond hope. They always have been completely beyond hope.

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