HQ of Myanmar’s ruling party occupied by “security forces” amid battle for leadership

USDP-run newspaper stops publishing
…The daily was regarded as mouthpieces for Thura Shwe Mann, who was dismissed as the party’s chairman on Thursday.
Yamin Tin, editor-in-charge of the daily, confirmed that the publication has stopped.
“The publications of Leader Journal and the Union Daily run by the party were stopped,” Yamin Tin said. “We don’t have any further information. I can’t say if is related to the removal of the party chairman…”

Mini coup ousts Shwe Mann

Powerful Myanmar ruling party chairman Shwe Mann ousted

“A strange event:” lock down at the headquarters of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)
…“The office told me by phone that police were deployed in front of the USDP office so I went there. Other reporters were also found to be waiting there. Rumour has it that some party members have been detained. But we could not confirm it,” said a reporter.
While the office gate was closed, some cars were found trying to send meals to the office. But the meals were sent through the security members…

Myanmar police invade ruling party HQ

UPDATED: Shwe Mann Removed as Ruling Party Chairman Amid Midnight Reshuffle
…The relationship between the Burmese military and Shwe Mann has reportedly soured.
A petition circulating last month, which collected 1,700 signatures from the parliamentary speaker’s Naypyidaw constituency of Zayarthiri, called for his impeachment, claiming he violated the law by not respecting the military’s role in Parliament…

Tensions Mount at Myanmar Ruling Party Headquarters

Burmese forces surround ruling party headquarters and confine MPs – report
…The constitution reserves 25% of seats in parliament for unelected military officers. Making changes to the constitution requires the support of at least 75% of lawmakers, giving the military an effective veto. A proposed amendment that would have seen the threshold of support lowered to 70% failed, as expected, in a June vote.
Shwe Mann has publicly welcomed the idea of working closely with Aung San Suu Kyi and has set himself up in opposition to the still powerful army on key issues – including the constitutional reform debates that have centred on reducing the military’s political power.

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