It should be about what can be given to the poor


From Thairath, by Sia, August 28, 2015
Caption: It should not be used to determine how to call them “who they are”, but for “what to give” them.
[Meaning Section 44 should be used, Thaksin-style, to give benefits to the poor instead of being used to prohibit calling the poor “the grassroots.”]
PM Prayuth holds a sign that says: Enforcing Section 44, disallow calling people “grassroots”, instead call them “people with low income” [This was a statement by PM Prayuth to stop people from using the terms “grassroots” as these people have been seen in the public mind as the steadfast supporters of Thaksin.]
Signs from left to right: Enforcing Section 44 to help us earn more income. Enforcing Section 44 to increase rubber prices. Enforcing Section 44 to increase rice prices.
Mouse man: Who shall reform Thailand’s education first? [Meaning that PM Prayuth should use his absolute power to reform education.]
Mouse: No hierarchy.

[This also unintentionally illustrates a criticism of Thaksin’s populist programs–that it creates expectations that the government should support prices in the marketplace. It also shows the challenge of those who oppose Thaksin.
The Pheu Thai government gave discounts on car and home purchases, free tablet computers, and guaranteed top-baht prices to rice growers–all of which were intended to directly target Thaksin supporters and thus insure government stability.
If other political parties are not willing to hand out benefits directly to the rural supporters of Thaksin like this, they will have a hard time winning votes.]

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