How to resist the junta and do Thaksin’s bidding


From Manager, I knew it by Buncha/Karmin, July 13, 2015
Wissanu: Khun Somyot… if I file a civil suit over the rice pledging scheme, Khun Thaksin would be really angry. How can I get myself away from this?
Pol. Gen. Somyot: Why don’t you try the casino?… I think it’d work.
Caption: Khun Wissanu (Krea-ngam) should consult with this person

[This shows The Deputy PM Wissanu, who is still though to be under the influence of Thaksin, hesitating in carrying out junta orders to bring yet more charges against previous Pheu Thai government.
Police Chief Somyot faced a similar situation when he was ordered to strip Thaksin of his police rank. Somyot successfully resisted the junta order by distracting the public with a sudden bid to legalize casinos in Thailand.]

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