How to hide Rajabhkti Park? Editorial cartoons from Thai newspapers


From Thairath, December 3, 2015
Caption: Sorry for the inconvenience. Do not enter before we approve.
Sign: This area is transparent, no corruption, but do not allow investigations.
Left, on paper: UDDs [Red Shirts] Tour Rajabhakti Park.
Mouse man: Do by themselves, investigate themselves, make a conclusion themselves. [meanign the military conducted the investigation and absolved itself]
Mouse: Only commission fees. [Referring to accusations of kickbacks involved in the casting of the giant statues.]


From Manager, December 8, 2015
Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan: Mr. David [Copperfield]… Could you come to our Rajabhakti Park and show your magic in hiding the Park for someday?
David Copperfield: What day do you want me to hide it?
Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan: The days that the UDD comes!
Caption: Needing David Copperfield to work this job.

[Refers to the military’s scramble to prevent Red Shirt leaders from leading a march to Rajabhakti Park in “investigate” corruption allegations. The boldness of the Red Shirt’s plan to confront the military on their monument honoring Thailand’s royal system seemed to catch the government off guard (as it did Thaksin who publicly warned the Red Shirts from taking provocative actions that would play into the hands of the army to extend military rule).
The cartoonist jokes that the army needs David Copperfield to help them make the monument disappear just as Copperfield once did with the Statue of Liberty.]


From Manager, December 10, 2015
In the flashlight’s light: Transparent Thailand
[Despite the military’s self-proclaimed announcement that the casting of the statues was Transparent and without corruption, most everyone in the Thai world understands that kickbacks as well as cover-ups are the norm. No one believes that the project was conducted without corruption nor that the light of justice will ever be able to illuminate this military-controlled project.]

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One Response to How to hide Rajabhkti Park? Editorial cartoons from Thai newspapers

  1. Wiz says:

    Big Too coming to pay homage to Papa Prem – Papa Prem telling Big Too that Big Dong is actually a good man who has been accused by corruptors who want to exploit Rajphakti park scandal for their own advantages

    Papa Prem siad Military intervention would not stay long though,

    Furthermore, Papa Prem has told top brasses that no more tomato police and watermelon Armed Forces – all of them must protect His Majesty with their own lives.

    Note: the voice of Papa Prem I heard from radio have become more like the voice of His majesty which is totally unusual to me because it is not like the voice of Papa Prem I have become familiar with.

    ฺBig Dong lambasting those media who accusing him as the one or even the mastermind behind Rajphakti park scandal

    Ai Ten still play with Rajphakti park scandal to instigate deeper national disunity

    Big Pom explaining all about the investigation on Rajphakti park scandal

    Still nothing wrong with Rajabhakti Park

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