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From Manager, September 6, 2016
Dhammachayo: The death of you, Mr. Thawatchai, made the DSI lose their credibility to arrest me. Here, a hammer to break heaven’s door. I give you for free… Don’t need to donate… naja.
Caption: Must give him huge rewards.

[Refers to the mysterious death of former Phuket Provincial Land Officer Thawatchai Anukul in the custody of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). Initially, the authorities announced that Thawatchai committed suicide by hanging himself with socks. However, his family suspect he was killed in custody by officers. Due to this case, the credibility and of the DSI has been further damaged.
The cartoon shows Dhammachayo, Dhamakaya temple’s abbot, who is facing a charge from the DSI for money laundring. The death of Thawatchai in custody helps Dhammachayo to question the ethics and vercity of the DSI that brought charges against him. The DSI has long be a political tool that governments have used to harass the opposition.
The cartoon shows Dhammachayo giving Thawatchai (with socks still tied around his neck) the hammer to open the door of heaven in gratitude for harming the DSI’s reputation.
‘Naja’ is a polite word used by a girl to end at the sentence. However, Dhammachayo uses this word as well and the media mocks him for this affectation.]

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