How to get publicity on Songkran

From Manager, April 16, 2015
Girl: Grandpa… if you want to be on the news during Songkran, you’d better jump on the floor and dance like this.
On the sign at right: The elders poured the water over the hands of the youths.
Caption: Girl… please teach those old men how to be on the news.

[Refers to a provocative political statement made by Thai scholars. They organized a Songkran traditional ceremony (“Rod Nam Dam Hua”)–pouring water over the hands of one’s elders.
However, they turned the custom around, with the elder scholars (thought to be sympathetic to the Red Shirts) pouring water over the hands of youth to ask for forgiveness because they cannot protect democracy in the country.
This was a symbolic protest against the military and junta as university scholars traditionally have role in passing judgment on governments that are not acting on behalf of the people or are gaining too much power. Months before any Thai coup, academics will begin to criticize a government and this is a signal that the government is seen to have failed. Thus, the reversal of the ritual is a highly provocative act and was widely covered in the press.
The cartoonist scoffs at the importance of the act and maintains that sexy girls dancing at Songkran will get much more media coverage.]

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