How to escape an economic downturn

From Manager, September 11, 2019
PM Prayuth: The government has already injected a hundred billion… the economy will recover…
Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn: Must amend the constitution… then the economic problems will be solved.
Stove: Carry me in the car… close the windows tightly… Then, there will be no economic problem.
Caption: To solve the economic problem… Who we should believe?

[Refers to the current economic slowdown in Thailand. This cartoon mocks the efficacy of the actions of the government (spending money) and the actions of the opposition (demanding a rewrite of the charter). The cartoonist implies they are both trying to take advantage of the economic situation to benefit themselves.
At the right is a crockery device used with hot coal to heat food. Recently, using it to commit suicide has become popular. People place it in their cars to suffocate. The cartoonist suggests that this might be the only real way to escape an economic downturn.]

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