How Thailand’s generals outwitted ‘team US’ by playing the China card

Thailand’s generals outwit ‘team US’ –, November 5, 2014
…”It is not economically rational to build that rail link,” an executive at a major Japanese distribution company said. But the link is about more than just moving goods for China. It gives access to the ocean if an emergency arises in the South China Sea, where China has multiple territorial disputes.
Still, many thought a high-speed railway that does not go through Bangkok would not bring much benefit to Thailand. The military junta thus dramatically changed the project’s blueprint in a Oct. 21 cabinet meeting. Under the new plan, the railway will run through Bangkok. By changing the plan, the junta is trying to show its independence from Beijing…

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3 Responses to How Thailand’s generals outwitted ‘team US’ by playing the China card

  1. Wiz says:

    Actually, Mainland China also want the end of the line for the first phase in Bangkok (Bangsue Central) as it will be the convenient ways to bring Chinese products to Bangkokians, not just the convenience of Japanese investors in Thailand. Furthermore, Bringing Chinese tourists to Bangsue central (either via the railway in China or via Donmueang as the line in question will be shared with Airport Link extension to Donmueang) is very convenient way indeed.

  2. Wiz says:

    Big Too said Chinese President Li has agreed in principal on the issue of the construction of standard gauge lines to allow the connection between Bangsue Central to Nong Khai, Bangsue Central to Map Ta Phu and Bypass route from Kaeng Khoi to Chachoengsao (Klong 19 Bypass) even the upgrading to 250 kph will require pending information while Chinese government is going to lift the tourist warning –

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