How Soon Can You Reapply for the US Tourist Visa

When To Submit A US Tourist Visa Re-application

Indeed, the US tourist visa is one of the hardest visas to obtain. Its denial rate is very high and the decision cannot be appealed. This leaves the applicant with no other choice but to a submit a new application. With this regard, one question often comes out: how soon can I lodge a new application?

Recommended timeframe for re-application
There is no definite timeframe that is observed during re-application. However, applicants are advised to wait until significant changes occur in their personal circumstances. For example, a denied applicant who was previously unemployed should submit a new application after acquiring a stable job. If the person involved suddenly inherits a big fortune and is able to produce the necessary documentary evidence within a week, one may immediately submit another US tourist visa Thailand request. Yet, if there are no significant changes in one’s life and still insisted in presenting a new application, a denial is most likely to come.

The 6-month waiting period: fact or fiction?
Others say that a reapplication is best lodged six (6) months after the denial. Evidently, there is no relevant data that would support such claim. This is true for the Schengen visa, but not for US’ case. Perhaps the most plausible explanation for this is that, it usually takes 6 months before a significant change occurs in one’s life. Within 6 months, an individual can have a job, be regularized and entitled to a 10-day leave. Within 6 months, a proprietor can establish his business and perform transactions. Within 6 months, anybody can buy properties. Such changes in one’s life are enough to overcome the two (2) common reasons behind US tourist visa denials—having evidence of strong ties and sufficient financial resources.

Performing a re-application should be carefully considered, most especially, the timing of the new submission. Although anybody who has the funds can afford to frequently pay embassy fees, the denial records obtained can permanently prevent an individual from entering the United States.

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