How dare you criticize Thaksin!

From Manager, June 21, 2021
On the building: PT Pheu Thai
Pheu Thai party member: You insult our monarchy!!!
Caption: They insult everyone.

[Refers to the anti-government youth group “Restart Democracy” (REDEM). They have developed a reputation for violent clashes with authorities and for not respecting the established political order. (More about REDEM: Blood Downtown)

REDEM recently criticized Thaksin for only calling for the revision of the constitution and refusing to call for the reform of the monarchy. This position by Thaksin is return to the protest times of 10 years ago when Thaksin pushed for charter change and/or an amnesty–both of which would be designed to allow him to return to politics in Thailand. In other words, politics as usual.

In recent months, as the government failed in its mass vaccination promises and student protests dwindled, Thaksin has reemerged, no doubt to take leadership of the political opposition again (More about this: Don’t worry, student protesters! Thaksin sends Jatuporn & the Red Shirts to the rescue!).

However, since Thaksin’s heyday, student protest groups have gone far beyond Thaksin-style “reform” with bold calls for real and deep reform in society.

The cartoon shows Thaksin as a royal figure which was one way he was portrayed by his opposition–as one who continually attempted to bring the monarchy into political squabbles or perhaps wanting to supplant the monarchy itself.

Here it is used to show how Thaksin remains an exalted figure for some of his former party members who find themselves in a strange new world where Thaksin no longer has a stranglehold on the political opposition.

We are not sure the names of all the PT members, but from the left they seem to be: Wan Yubamrung, Phumtham Wechayachai, Somchai Wongsawat, Prasert Chantararuangthong]

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