How dare they doubt Thaksin’s son!

From Manager, November 12, 2012
Buffalo: Which group of people took this survey? I guess they’re only humans. That’s why they come out with such results.
On the newspaper: 70% of the respondents don’t believe in the assassination attempt scandal against Maew.

[Maew is nickname of Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin’s son, Phanthongthae, posted on his Facebook saying that he received news that an attempt would be made on his father’s life when he visited Thaa Khi Lek, Myanmar. Thaksin cancelled the trip and government politicians confirmed the intelligence from Thaksin’s son.
As this scenario seemed suspiciously like a pretext to enable Thaksin to cancel his trip, people responding to polls about the incident expressed skepticism that the assassination attempt was genuine. Here, red buffaloes are used to represent the Red Shirt supporters of Thaksin. In the Thai world referring to a person as a buffalo is an insult.]

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