Hot tempered people

From Thairath, December 6, 2017
Title: Everyone… is hot-tempered.

Top left: My hands automatically do it.
[Refers to a case of man groping women on the bus. He was arrested after people took video of him and sent them to the police. He told the police that he did not intent to do it, but once he saw the victim, his hands automatically went to touch the woman’s breasts.]

Top right: Man: Because you honked a horn.
[Refers to a case of elderly man hitting another person who honked a horn at him. Once he was arrested, he told the police that he could not control himself when he did that.]

Bottom: PM Prayuth: Don’t speak loudly to me.
Police: Let’s go for a talk.
On a board held by a man: Thepa mob
Man behind PM Prayuth: Don’t unlock. Don’t unlock.
Phi Nooring: Losing their minds.
Mouse: Should handle with their emotion first.

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s cabinet meetings held in several provinces. There were protests from the local people at one of these events to call on the government to solve their problems, such as stopping the coal-fired power plant in Thepa district.
An elected government expects such protest, but the military controlled government has not tolerated dissent, ostensibly to prevent agitation for those who wish a Thaksin return to power.
However, the protests from those in the South were from those who are traditionally opposed to Thaksin and his policies. But even these people found themselves hauled away by the police before they could confront he prime minister. Also during one of these trips, PM Prayuth berated a fisherman who was asking him to revise fishing laws.
This cartoon likens PM Prayuth to hot-headed old men and perverts who have admitted they have no control of themselves.]

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