Hopewell was a great investment

From Manager, April 24, 2019
Hong Kong tycoon Gordon Wu, left: Thailand is the most attractive investment…
Right: I only invested in building a few concrete poles, but received ten billion in return.
Caption: BOI [Board of Investment of Thailand] should hire Gordon Wu as their spokesman

[Refers to the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision ordering the Transport Ministry to pay compensation to Gordon Wu’s Hopewell Holdings with back interest dating to 2008 for unfairly terminating the contract for the elevated road and rail Hopewell Project.
Hopewell Holdings specialized in mega-development projects with governments seen as too disorganized and corrupt to attract partnerships with other international firms. Despite completing large projects in many countries, including some of the most problematic provinces in China, they were unable to complete their project in Thailand.
The cartoonist jokes that the BOI, which attempts to attract foreign investment, should point out how Hopewell received such a big return on its investment (via the compensation money they were awarded) despite not even finishing their project.]

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