Hopes for Peace at the Border

From Thairath, February 24, 2013
Cartoon title: A peaceful meal on landmines
On landmines from left: PAD [Stands for the People Alliance for Democracy, also known as the Yellow Shirts]; the case at the Word Court of Justice
Signs from the crowd, from left: No World Court of Justice; the Network of the Thai people who love their nation and their land
Phi Nooring: May it resolve well
Man mouse: Peace for the two nations
[Man sitting on the left: Gen. Tia Ban, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister; on the right is Thai Defense Minister Sukampol Suwannathat. The met on February 26, 2013 at Prear Vihear to discuss about the security issue along the border of the two country and development of areas along the border.]

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