HM The King’s Visit to Ayuthaya

From Daily News, May 26, 2012
His Majesty the King is healthy. People happily wait to welcome him, crying out “Long Live the King” at Thung Makham Yong.

From Komchadluek, May 26, 2012
People cried out “Long Live the King” loudly. A crowd of 100,000 happy subjects gathered in Thung Makham Yong. His Majesty the King was dressed in army uniform.

From Naewna, May 26, 2012
People everywhere cried out “Long Live the King” to glorify His Majesty.

From Siamrath, May 26, 2012
His Majesty the King dressed in a Special Forces military uniform. Arriving at Thung Makham Yong, people cried out “Long Live the King” joyfully as His Majesty the King recovers from illness.

From Thaipost, May 26, 2012
People cried out “Long Live the King” when His Majesty the King arrived at Thung Makham Yong.

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