History of Thai Prime Ministers–according to the government


The Thai government “Secretariat of the Cabinet” website has an odd “History of Thai Prime Ministers” section we have pointed out before, but the English-language explanations of why prime ministers enter and leave office have become even more tortured.

Among the notable oddities:

Thaksin’s term ended, not because of a coup, but because of this: “2) State Administration Assembly September 19, 2006”

2006 coup chief General Surayud Chulanont left office because of “Constituation of Kingdomgo Thailand B.E. 2005 when there is appoint went of the new Prime Minister”

Present Prime Minister “Genera [sic] Prayuth Chan-Ocha” arrived in office because of the “General Assembly resolution National”

But on another page one can learn “The present Prime Minister is Miss. Yingluck Shinawatra (aged 43 years old ),the 28 th Prime Minister of Thailand.”

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