Thaksin’s roots are deep

From Manager, June 3, 2014
Caption: Only this much?!
Tree stump with Thaksin’s face: Go ahead, cut my branches… When the rain comes, I’ll grow again… even bigger than ever.

[The tree stump is Thaksin Shinawatra. Soldiers cutting his branches represent the National Council for Peace and Order, who are the ruling body after the May coup. There are many interpretations of why the coup was staged. However, the actions of the military after the coup–sacking Thaksin allies in politics and forcibly dismantling Red Shirt organizations and villages–points to their goal in destroying Thaksin influence and co-opting his support base to protect the prerogatives of the powers he openly threatened to overwhelm.
Many, like the cartoonist, still fear that Thaksin’s influence is deep and he will merely wait for a future period to spring back to power. This cartoon foreshadows a possible future trend–agitation for even harsher measures to ruin the Shinawatra family’s financial roots to prevent them from manipulating the Red Shirt movement or controlling a political party again.]

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