Hilarious News

From Thairath, February 17, 2013
Cartoon title: Hilarious news
Top left: Anti-short skirts among students, yet support marathon kissing contest (ha)! [refers to the camping against students wearing short skirts yet there are also policies promoting marathon kissing contests]
Top middle: Unlucky police officers asking for money on Chinese New Year, but ran into reporters (ha)! [refers to the policeman who entered a shop and attempted to extort money in front of a reporter]
Top right: Human beings are outwitted by Furby doll (ha)! [refers to the strange craze foe Furby dolls]
Bottom left: Make it and drink it (ha)!
Sign on desk from left: DSI makes an accusation; DSI investigates; DSI judges (ha)! [DSI stands for the Department for Special Investigation.]
[In Thai when a person says someone make a drink and drink it him or herself, it means that person picks up an issue, processes it and judges it him or herself. Here it refers to the DSI being apparently assigned to follow up on criminal cases to harrass the opposition.]
Bottom middle: Foreign media exposed Thailand for having a Prime Minister whose only duty is to cut ribbons, and another prime minister who Skypes (ha)! [refers to the New York Times article on Yingluck and Thaksin]
The sign reads: Khun Nay(ok) (ha)! [Khun Nay is a royally granted title for some women, while Nayok is short for Prime Minister. Some Thai presses call Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra ‘Khun Nay(ok) ha meaning she is nothing but a joke.]
Bottom right: Assigned a person who dares not travel to the three provinces in the deep South; on elephant: problem in the South [The assigned person is Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung. He admitted that he didn’t want to be in charge of solving the problem in the South. Worse, he never travels to those three provinces.]

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