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How many anti-coup protesters?
Rally draws 20 anti-coup protesters - Bangkok Post, September 23, 2006
Ten academic protest against coup - The Nation, September 22, 2006
Protesters gather to denounce Thai coup - AP, September 22, 2006
More than 100 protesters Friday defied a ban on public gatherings and denounced the military overthrow of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra...

Call us in full - CDRM - The Nation, September 21, 2006
...Members of the public are invited to visit and verify information at the CDRM's website, which can be accessed through WWW., run by the Information and Communication Technology Ministry, he said.
[Another wrong url from The Nation. Anyone know the correct one?]

Above: Thai Rath, September 23, 2006 Caption reads: This atmosphere is only at one place in the world.

Right: Daily News, September 24, 2006

9 (new) NCC members to quell corruption - Cancel the police commission - Target to demolish 25 "big" persons

Left: Krungtep Turakit, September 22-28

Ending the network of Thaksin

Above: Toon’akarn by Karmin, Manager, September 23, 2006
Left panel: If Thailand has an election that is run by the U.N., I believe that Thai Rak Thai will be back in government again.
Right panel: Thaksin is not my son!
[This is making fun of Thaksin's flip comment that the "U.N. is not my father" when it was suggested that the U.N. would send an envoy to investigate Thailand's anti-drug campaign that was resulting in thousands of suspects being killed on the streets.]

Above: Cartoon by Chai Ratchawat, Thairath, September 23, 2006
Left panel: Thaksinnnnn...
Right panel: Get out!
[The people protested and shouted for Thaksin to leave, but only the military could make him leave or the military answered or agreed with the people.]

The end of "Thaksinocrazy" - translated and summarized from Phujatkan, September 21, 2006
A military coup d’etat was successfully staged by the Council for Democratic Reform under a Constitutional Monarchy (CDRM) on September 19, under the leadership of General Sonthi Boonyaratklin (the Royal Thai Army Commander-in-Chief). We, at the Phujatkan, are delighted by the swift termination of the Thaksin government after its long reign of corruption and cronyism.
Actually, at this stage, we consider it reward enough to be rid of Thaksin’s "Evil Network."
However, the CDRM should be aware that this network could easily return and extract its revenge any time. But for the time being, we are glad to know that the CDRM has seen through the intrigues of both "Mr. Fridge" (AKA Yongyuth Tiyapairat) and "Mr. Flabby" (AKA Newin Chidchob) who have jointly gathered secret militias over one million strong to fight the CDRM. These two individuals are currently in CDRM custody.
Here are some important post-coup missions that need to be urgently addressed by the CDRM:
(1) To repay a favor to His Majesty the King by undertaking all the projects that the former government failed to complete under his royal stewardship.
(1.1) To restore peace to the Nation with especial emphasis on solving the southern insurgency.
(1.2) To ensure the fairness of any upcoming election and to clean out corruption and vote buying from the roots of the electoral system.
(2) To repay a favor to the Nation, the CDRM must conduct a serious investigation into corruption cases linked to the former government in order to fully redeem the balance of the National Treasury as soon as possible.
(3) To repay a favor to the general public after letting it suffer alone for so long under "Thaksinocrazy," the CDRM must strictly ensure that Thailand’s public never again witnesses the return of any form of "Thaksinocrazy." This is entirely necessary for the long-term security of the Nation, the Religion, and the Monarchy.

Extremely patronizing advice from a farang - YouTube, September 25, 2006
"...democracy isn't easy but you should give it a chance..."
He advises people peacefully protest instead.

Texas start for ousted Thai leader - Houston Chronicle, September 22, 2006
...While going to school, he worked at a Burger King and got up every morning at 3 a.m. for a Houston Chronicle route...

Coup puts Thailand's dream of world role on ice - Reuters, September 24, 2006
Thailand's military coup puts paid, for the time being at least, to the country's ambitions under Thaksin Shinawatra to play a more assertive role on the regional and international stage.
Surfing the wave of confidence that came with swift economic recovery from the 1997 Asian crisis, Thaksin never missed a chance to fly the flag, from sending troops to Iraq, to hosting world leaders' summits, to pushing for a Thai to succeed Kofi Annan at the United Nations...
"In the past, Thailand took a very low profile, wanted to be in the middle of the pack. But in Thaksin, you had an energetic, ambitious guy who had an energetic, ambitious vision for Thailand on the southeast Asian and world stage," said one Bangkok-based diplomat...
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