Hiding Behind Suthep’s Dress

From Manager, December 12, 2011
Suthep Thaugsuban says: This boy has nothing to do with it. If you want to make a case, you come to me.
The caption reads: Chalerm must cross Nanny Thaug’s dead body first.

[This refers to the questioning of Abhisit and Suthep over the the Red Shirt protester deaths. “Hiding under his wife’s skirt” or “hide behind her blouse” is a Thai idiom that means shielding oneself with the support of a powerful female. This is insulting to the man as it implies he is weak.
This cartoon also reference a Thai tact that “big men” use–telling supporters or anyone who listen that they can do what they want and if someone has a problem with it they will protect them or otherwise make it right.]

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