Here people have died

From Daily News, Cartoon Khaprajam By Khuad, November 19, 2010
Left: The famous speech from Prime Minister Samak states “fear leads to decline”
Middle: What he mentioned is correct as many samples are visible”
Right: Someone “fears” death and needs men to protect his residential site causing the business in the community to be totally dead and causing those supporters to “drop” their likeness. [The words on the street sign read "Sukhumvit31." The cartoon means that security for Prime Minister Abhisit's residence on the street he lives in is ruining businesses on the street and resulting in lack of support for him.]

From Thairath, cartoon by Sia, November 16, 2010
The text on the cartoon reads:
At left, the street sign reads: Rajaprasong
The skulls under the sign are saying: Here people have died.
The sign in the middle reads: Sukhumvit 31 [This is the street where Prime Minister Abhisit's residence is.]
The people in the street hold a signs that read: “Business in the community [of Sukhumvit 31] is dead” and “Business is dead”
The people are saying: Here people are dying. [This refers to the loss of business that is seen as the same as dying.]
The word on the barbed wire reads: The force on guard duty for the safety of the Prime Minister
The cartoon caption at the bottom reads: Together on the [same] street, people in the same soi [community] [This means that many are suffering from the injustice of the Prime Minister.]
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