Here Comes a New Shinawatra!

From Thairath, April 22, 2013
Title: Seem like you often think about me… now I’m coming…
Yaowapa Wongsawat is carrying a bag with full of drinking and snacks.
On the bag: Pheu Thai
On name tag: Yaowapa, new MP
In the back ground is Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with a sign in front of her reading Prime Minister
Papers holding by opposition men on the left: Jae D.’s order, Always blame on Jae D., Jae D. is a dictator, order to kill people, 100 death [Jae is a Chinese word meaning elder sister and D. stands for Dang, Yaowapa’s nickname]
Mouse: Fight through the Parliament system
Phi Nooring: Jae is coming to fight.
[This refers to the election of Thaksin’s elder sister Yaowapa Wongsawat as MP. It is rumored she might replace her sister, Yingluck, as Prime Minister if Yingluck is disqualified as PM due to various legal cases.]

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