Helping stocks… but not helping people’s lives

From Thairath, March 24, 2020
Title: Helping stocks… but not helping people’s lives
PM Prayuth: Telling you to stay home for the country
On the coin bags: Businessmen, stock market, rich men, ten billion in funds
On the bus: Go back our hometown
On people’s shirts: Shops are closed, laid off, jobless, don’t have incomes, don’t have money
Covid-19 on the top of the bus: Yeah, yeah. We want to go together. Yeah.
Phi Nooring: Afraid of no money rather than disease.
Mouse: Life is locked down.

[Refers to the government’s measures to handle with the spread of the virus. This cartoon reflects the opposition’s claims that the government’s measures benefit business groups rather then ordinary people who heavily are affected by the shutdown of businesses.]

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