Help End Dictatorship

From Thairath, June 25, 2019
Title: Help to disarm
On the hand: NCPO [the junta]
On the gun: Orders which violate people’s rights
Signs from the left: End the orders on violating people’s rights
Signs on the middle: End the orders on violating democracy
On man’s back: People
Sign on the right: End orders limiting media rights
Phi Nooring: Help to be free from the dictator
Mouse: This should be firstly pinned.
On the people’s backs from front-back: Political parties, people, iLAW

[Refers to a call for people to help end the orders issued by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) which are considered to violate people’s rights. These continue on into the new “democratic” era after elections.
Recently, human rights groups led by Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw) has taken the first step on carrying out the activity called “Disarming NCPO” by repealing 35 announcements and orders of the NCPO which violate human rights and democracy.]

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