He lied

From Manager, November 3, 2018
Title: Everyone wants to welcome
Man in sunglasses: [top] Don’t lie to the people. [bottom] Don’t support the dictator.
Phi Nooring: He walked to get votes or to quarrel?
Mouse: Back to the past
On Suthep’s shirt: ACT (former PDRC)
People from left to right: You said you would not be involved with politics again. I thought you would become a monk forever. Caused chaos and called for a coup. Liar.
Old man: We will not help you anymore.
On a man’s shirt: Former PDRC

[Refers to the current political situation of former leader of the defunct People’s Democrat Reform Committee (PDRC) Suthep Thaugsuban.
When undertaking protests to block elections and topple the government of Yingluck Shinawatra, he pledged he had forever given up politics. Such pledges are important as Thais view protest with suspicion, suspecting they are only undertaken to benefit vested interests.
Suthep broke his promise by setting up a political party–Action Coalition for Thailand–to support PM Prayut to become the PM again after elections.
His action have made his supporters disappointed with come chiding him as he campaigned for support.]

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