Heil! Stop the politicians!


From Thairath, September 21, 2016
Title: Must memorize it
On the banner: We are a group of good people who have the responsibility to control and fight against politicians
On the table: Committee on establishing the moral standards of politicians
On the chairs on the left from front to back: Independent agency, the NACC, Judge
On the chairs on the right side: Independent agency
Phi Nooring: These guys have a standard
A mouse: Already have quality assurance [These are sarcastic statements.]

[This cartoon questions the credibility of having a committee on the moral standards of politicians. Those who support Thaksin contend that the committee is composed of groups appointed by the junta to destroy Pheu Thai politicians.
Beyond this, the idea of independent or appointed people who have power over elected politicians has long been an anathema to Thaksin’s political parties. His supporters have been taught that such oversight is undemocratic and unfair.]

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