From Naewna, March 23, 2017
A man on the left: Let’s burn it, bros. I’ll be responsible for it.
Jatuporn: Don’t be afraid of the law. If you don’t die, you will become rich. If you’re not unlucky enough, you won’t be in jail.
Caption: Tuttu… who knows his fate…!!

[In 2010, Red Shirt leaders called on their supporters to be ready to burn Bangkok if their demands were not met–along with the very Thai-style assurance that the Red Shirt leaders would take responsibly for the actions of the protesters.
However, later they refuted these statements, caught on video day after day, as being taken out of context or meant for another situation.
More: Burning Bangkok, and some past cartoons: Let’s Burn It, Let’s burn it. I will take a responsibility for your actions, Pheu Thai Promises a Bright Future for Bangkok
When the Pheu Thai were in power, charges against Red Shirt leaders who led protests were dropped. Since the military has seized power, Red Shirt leaders are now facing the charges again.
This cartoon ridicules the Red Shirt leaders (symbolized by the headless figures) who seem to have gone quiet despite the seizure of political power by the military, the attacks on the Dhammakaya Movement, and demands for Thaksin to pay massive back taxes.
Jatuporn’s nickname is Tu. However, this cartoonist makes fun with his name by calling as ‘Tuttu’ which sounds like a lady’s name to reflect (from the cartoonist’s opinion) his supposedly chicken-hearted personality.]

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