He was once innocent

From Thairath, June 27, 2018
Left: Amnesty International take into account every event [in a suspect’s life] to help forgive Wut who cut his victim into 14 pieces…
Middle: …because he was not a criminal since he was born. They have a witness to confirm this.
Woman: Who is the witness?
Righ: A midwife confirmed he did not carry a knife with him {when he was being born].

[Refers to Amnesty International which condemned Thailand for carrying out the death penalty in a recent case.
This cartoon points out another case in which Thanakrit ‘Wut’ Prakob killed his ex-girlfriend and cut her body into 14 pieces.
The cartoon ridicules Amnesty’s opposition to the death penalty in all cases joking that they would contend Wut should be spared since at one point in his life he was innocent.]

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