He has a mistress?!!

From Manager, December 2, 2013
Yingluck: He has a mistress?!!
Caption: Just at first glance… Poo knew that Too’s changed

[“Poo” is nickname of Premier Yingluck Shinawatra, “Too” is nickname of the Royal Thai Army Commander Gen. Prayuth Chanocha.
This cartoon refers to initial speculation that Gen. Prayuth made a secret deal to support the government, and thus Thaksin’s aspirations for amnesty.
This supposed deal was revealed by an audio tape of Thaksin and the Defense Minister discussing how Thaksin could return to power. As the tape was quickly authenticated by Thaksin’s son (rather than being disavowed as a fake), it was interpreted as a signal to the Thai political world that the final push for Thaksin amnesty was at hand. And indeed, aggressive moves for amnesty then started–not only for post-2006 political activities, but back to 2004 to be sure to cover Thaksin’s controversial activities as prime minister.
However, once the current round of protests started, it was clear that the military was no longer siding with the government. The military said it was neutral, but behaved in ways that benefited the protesters while sharply warning that the government would be responsible for the safety of protesters.
In the cartoon, Prayuth is seen with symbols of the anti-government protesters–a Thai flag and a whistle.]

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