He dare not speak it directly

From Manager, May 10, 2020
Libery (from the painting “Liberty Leading the People”): Kick him out! Wants to overthrow, but he dare not speak it directly… Always speaks indirectly… so cowardly!!
Caption: If he was in that period… he must be done with like this.

[Refers to former Secretary-General of Future Forward Party Piyabutr who is alleged to admire the French Revolution. In the same way the Red Shirt media once referenced revolutions and assassinations while claiming they were not implying anything to do with Thailand, Piyabutr is alleged to have invoked revolutions for his own political ends.
The cartoonist implies, perhaps unfairly, that Piyabutr should just speak directly that he wishes to see such a revolution occurring in Thailand.
However, due to Thai law, it is difficult for him to express and show his views directly regarding such issues.]

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