Have you ever heard of Thai-language computer terms?

From Thairath, August 9, 2011

Left: Have you ever heard of Thai-language computer terms? For example, Facebook is Phak Pakorn [phak = face, pakorn = book; these are poetic terms], Twitter is Samniang Sakuna [samniang = noise, sakuna = bird].

Middle: Google is Asongkhai Sonthi [asongkhai = infinity, sonthi = connection], Hi5 is Benja Sawaddee [benja = five, sawaddee = hello or hi], system failure is …

Right: Rabop kor kor tor [rabop = system, kor kor tor = EC or Election Committee].

[Meaning the Election Committee is an example of a complete failure.
Since being set up as an independent organization in the 1997 constitution, the EC has been perhaps the most visible example of independent Thai organizations that have been repeatedly compromised by partisan politics.]

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