Have never seen before…

From Thairath, December 1, 2013
Cartoon title: Have never seen before
Top left: Have never seen any government house that needs to have a Berlin Wall to surround itself [refers to the barriers put up around the Government House to prevent protesters from occupying it]
Top middle: Have never seen any parliament work so hard as this one [Refers to the parliamentary debate on the controversial blanket amnesty bill on October 30. The importance of the bill to the government was such that debate went on until 4 a.m. in the morning after which it was finally voted on and passed.]
Top right: Have never seen any premier act as a tour leader. [refers to the many overseas trips Premier Yingluck Shinawatra has been sent on to ensure she is not in parliament during controversial debates]
Bottom left: Have never seen any government that can create such harmony [refers to the protesters from many areas of Thai society, as well as students groups, that rose to demonstrate against the government after it the amnesty bill and the ruling party’s refusal to accept the court’s verdict on constitutional amendments]
Bottom middle: Have never seen a new disastrous weapon. [referring to the whistles the protesters use as a symbol in their protest against the government]
Bottom right: Have never seen any premier who can make people laugh this much. [refers to Premier Yingluck Shianawatra’s language gaffes, which have been ridiculed by her opponents]

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