Hate an eel, but eat its soup.

From Naewna, April 5, 2017
Title: Hate an eel, but eat its soup.
Left: Hate the military conscription system, but use its rights for an extension.
The man is draft objector Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal.
On the military boot: Conscription
Right: Hate the courts, but sue through the courts to take legal action against the media.
The man is Thaksin Shinawatra.
On the sign: Accuse the court of injustice.

[Refers to the Thai idiom “hate an eel, but eat its soup” meaning like to hate something but still use that thing or still do what you say you hate. It is mean to show irony or hypocrisy.
Both student activist Netiwit and former PM Thaksin, in the cartoon, do things that they hate. Netiwit opposed the military conscription, but still uses his rights by applying for an extension of the military service requirement.
Meanwhile, Thaksin always accuses the justice system of being unjust and unfair when cases go against him. However, he still often uses the courts to levy charges against those who criticize him.]

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