From Thairath, April 1, 2012
The cartoon title: Reconcile

Top left: Take turns to insult people in the south of Thailand by saying that they are too stupid to reconcile the country. [referring to comments by Red Shirt leaders]

Top middle: Is it better that you reconcile the three provinces in the south of Thailand first? [showing the C-in-C in a tank and smoke rising from bombs in the deep south]

Top right: Reconcile within political parties, they still couldn’t do it. [showing government coalition partners feuding]

Bottom left: This person is the only one person who if he stays still can reconcile the country. [referring to Thaksin]

Bottom middle: Within red shirt groups, they don’t think to reconcile. [showing Red Shirt leaders who have fought over leadership of the group]

Bottom right: [If] Reconciling happens according to the majority of partisans, then this leads to other groups following them. [refers to the strong-arm tactics of the Red Shirts insisting on reconciliation on their own terms (“Thaksin must return”)]

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