Hard to get the Pheu Thai Party away from the Shinawatras

From Manager, October 25, 2018
Left, Sudarat: Boss should put me in the safe zone rather than promoting to be the new party’s leader.
Boss (meaning Thaksin): Why? Are you afraid of the NCPO? [the military junta]
Right: No… I’m afraid of boss’ younger sister!
Caption: Reasons why Noi [Sudarat] wants to stay in the safe zone.

[Refers to an intense competition to be the leader of the Pheu Thai Party.
Sudarat “Noi” Keyuraphan has long been a candidate, thought to favored by Thaksin who was toying with allowing a non-family member from leading the party.
Her candidacy was resisted from many quarters, particularly other Shinawatra family members such as Thaksin’s younger sister Yaowapa who was pushing her husband, former PM Somchai, to be party leader.
Finally, an 86-year-old minor political non-entity, Pol. Lt. Gen Viroj Pao-in, won the leadership post.
However, all the major candidates like Sudarat were afforded party status that would allow them to be selected as prime minister if the party controls the next government. This indicates that the party’s strategy on who might be its prime minister is still being hotly contested.]

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