Hard to believe, but it’s true

From Thairath, December 16, 2012
Cartoon title: Hard to believe, but it’s true
Top left: People are crazy afraid of the world’s apocalypse and seek superstitious ceremonies
Top middle: AEC [ASEAN Economic Community] Thai kids are weaker in languages-maths-science than neighboring countries!
Top right: So far 18 constitutions were written, but none of them are any good. [refers to the many constitutions Thailand has had and the contention that the present one needs to be rewritten]
Bottom left: Commander of a police station and his subordinates trafficked one million pellets of amphetamines using Royal Thai police vehicle.
Bottom middle: Former Prime Minister Anan confirmed that corruption this year is the worst ever. [refers to former Prime Minister Anan Panyarachun’s speech at the closing ceremony of the “Transparency in the afternoon” organized on December 13, 2012]
Bottom right: The royal trophy rewarded to the winning boxer becomes a fake one. [This refers to the recent boxing match in Macao where Thaksin Shinawatra presided over the opening ceremony. Gen. Chaiyasit Shinawatra, cousin of Thaksin Shinawatra, former supreme commander of the Royal Thai Army during Thaksin government, was organizer of the boxing match and claimed that the trophy was given by the Royal family. However, the Bureau of the Royal Household denied that the trophy was from the Royal palace. All of this was thought to create a platform for Thaksin to appear on state TV and confirm he was loyal to the monarchy.]

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