Hard Questions for Yingluck

From Manager, February 20, 2012
Left: Prime Minister, what did you do at the Four Seasons?
Below: Wants to know.
Middle: I’m the opposition, Prime Minister. You must tell me what you did at the Four Seasons.
Below: Wants to know very much.
Right: I’m your husband, Khun Poo. You must tell me what you did at the Four Seasons.
Below: Want to know the most.
[This refers to the clandestine meeting the prime minister had with top business leaders at the Four Seasons Hotel. This alarmed many who feel that a Thaksin-directed government is once again making secret deals to help businesses that cooperate with Thaksin domination of the political system.
The joke is in the far right balloon where Yingluck’s husband asks what she was doing at the hotel, implying that a woman having a secret meeting in a hotel must be having an affair.]

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